Professional Social Media Marketing Agency

Done-For-You solutions for Professionals, Practitioners and Businesses  

That Need More Booked Appointments and Paying Customers

How much time do you have set aside for marketing?

Two aspects of any business, Sales and Marketing are purely unavoidable, especially in the conversation of running a successful business. 

Have you sat down and thought “Wow, my process for Marketing is taking up too much time?” or “I am not doing this right?”

Maybe you are unsure of the direction to where you need to proceed with marketing resources? 

We should have a conversation then. 

Howell Digital provides a great SMMA opportunity to you, who desires to invest in a partner that can have your marketing “Done For You” and you focus more on sales and the services/products that you provide.

Let’s chat.

Toms River Web Design Specialist

Why do you need Howell Digital?

Because you don’t want to keep failing at marketing your business online. Instead of the grief and aggravation of having to learn the marketing process yourself, it would be way better for you to outsource to a firm that primarily does nothing else but digital advertising and marketing.

You got into business because you love to supply services and products that you love and like to help benefit your customers and clients the best, right?

Well, then focus on your craft and leave the marketing to us! 

You have Questions...

The model that we use is a reasonable setup fee and then cost per lead. 

We can factor a monthly budget expectation around how many leads or booked appointments and our operational costs. 

For example, if you are a dentist looking for 20 new bookings every month, we would hypothetically charge $50 per booking and initially a set up fee anywhere from $350-500 to get systems in place. 
So, we may initially charge $1,500 for the first month and then $1,000 for every month after, unless if you decide to take on more bookings and appointments. Then, the costs would be adjusted accordingly.

You will see that we have different tiers of web design and development available. Each different package is suited for a particular client that will need the resources and features of each one. Just like with goldilocks, just the right fit.

We understand that mobile and tablet are responsible for an ever growing percentage of engagement and sales for businesses and social platforms. Having a website that is “mobile responsive” and properly formatted for use with mobile and tablet is integral to success.

For our SMMA services, we handle domain and hosting. 

We are not evangelistic any particular platforms.

However, we use  WordPress, Clickfunnels, Lead Owl and other platforms  per what we think is the best fit.

Our SMMA services is completely 100% Done For You. However, before we go live with the advertising campaign, we would go over the sales funnels, the marketing approach, everything  with you to get your ok.

First of all, I would need to sit down and discuss your business over a brief call to see if Howell Digital would be right for your business. 

If we feel that your business can benefit from our services, we will do a bit of discovery and research and then create a proposal. If you like our plan, then we can get started. We can accept payment in the form of a check, paypal, or zelle.