November 22, 2021

511 Dover and the Metamorphosis of Howell Digital V3

Hello there fans and passionate clients of Howell Digital.

I have decided to start writing blogs on the Howell Digital website. Great content always wins in the hearts of potential clients and espouses an authority in our respective space.

I will always be full ears and eyes with a shut mouth for you to tell me your thoughts and opinions. Only will I answer when your suggestions gander a requirement for a solution or feedback for an idea.

As you may know, Howell Digital has been in existence since late 2015 as a project after dealing with a low blood platelet issue that I suffered at the time. Thankful that a high dose vitamin therapy helped me get through.

Originally set as a digital agency for direct response clients, we worked with many entrepreneurs to take their products and ideas to the next level, one step at a time. A shift in the business climate in 2018 had changed our perspective, temporarily renaming the business, Reagent 235 (I do regret that, lol)

Fast forward two years later, in the midst of a pandemic and a hobby turned small business in Antiques and consumer products trading, Howell Digital was given a breath of fresh air and started from scratch, helping small time entrepreneurs , one step at a time.

Now, that we have evolved further, now once again with an office suite of our own, Howell Digital is about to shed it’s proverbial cocoon and elevate even further: The Third Iteration or V3.

V3 will have yet another directional change: Working with larger companies providing solution to mid and large size companies with annual budgets of over 5-10M ARR.

Another change is the adoption of a fabrication startup called HowFabCo (Howell Fabrication Company) which we will design and print 3d prototypes and production plastic media. This will take us in the new year.

Also, in addition to designing and building digital experiences and marketing strategies for our awesome clients, we will also start building Site as a Service (SaaS) businesses and keep them under the umbrella of Howell Digital.

More good news will be coming soon, including an ever ongoing art project that involves adding artwork, graphics and great design to help business owners and their clients/patients enjoy their experiences at 511 Dover. I cannot wait to get this project underway.

Chat soon!


Tommy Howell

Art/Creative Director, Howell Digital