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Web design and development has to be looked at as an adventure of sorts.

On your search for the perfect partner to assume the great responsibility of crafting your online presence, you have to select the one that not only gets the job done.

You also need to find a partner that helps cause the expansion of your brand awareness and scaling new relationships.

Profit is great, which is the byproduct of creating a great reality that bodes with expectation and resolves to a success that no one else can deliver.

We can chat all day about winning and buzzword this and that. All that matters really is understanding the result and the mechanics involved in obtaining it. 

Going back to adventure, We can reach the destination if we truly achieve everything that is learned, understood and acted upon in the journey. 

Toms River Web Design Specialist

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Costs of Working with Howell Digital

Just to give you an idea of how much a designed website from Howell Digital costs. Sometimes, the design pricing falls below or above the suggested pricing, due to many factors, including how many pages are needed, use case, industry, brand, etc. Reach out to schedule a brief discovery call to see if we are the right solution.

Stage UNO

Starting Out/Shoestring/Bootstrapping
$ 2000
  • Wordpress Themeforest Theme
  • 90 Minute Strategy Consult
  • Mailing List Plugin Installed
  • Contact Form
  • Your content added
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • We source images
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions/Change Requests
Starting Out

Stage DUE

Established or Larger Budget/Requirements
$ 4000
  • Customized Elementor Design
  • 90 Minute Strategy Consult
  • Mailing List Plugin Installed
  • Contact Form
  • Your content added
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • We source images
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions/Change Requests
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • XML Sitemap and SEO Plugin
  • Custom 404 Redirect Page
  • Google Analytics and Search Console

Stage TRE

For Premium/Enterprise Requirements
$ 7000
  • Fully Customized Design/Development
  • Fully Custom WordPress Admin
  • 2 Hour Strategy Consult
  • Contact Form and Pop Up Opt In
  • Content Copywritten for SEO
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • We source images
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions/Change Requests
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Mailing List Plugin Installed
  • Social Media Integration
  • XML Sitemap and SEO Plugin
  • Custom 404 Redirect Page
  • Google Analytics and Search Console
  • 2 hour Delivery Meeting with How-To's

You have Questions...

The cost of your website will be very unique. 

Reason why we state this, is because no cookie-cutter solution is going to be suited for businesses that are not cookie-cutter. Every business has a unique need and will need not just design, but a lot of strategy discussion and planning.

For our agency, the minimum cost on our projects start at $3,000

You should expect in most cases to have your website completed in 3-6 weeks. Most of the time, we look at a 3-4 week turnaround time. This involves five phases:

1. Discovery – Where we work on finding out what your goals are, your ideas and determining the direction of your website.

2. Design – We take our findings on the discovery phase and build a website design draft. We have a revision and CR (change request) process to follow.

3. Development – Taking a great design concept that we have developed with you and putting it to code. 

4. Content – We work with you on bringing content to the website. Either you supply the content or for an additional fee we can copywrite your content and add images, etc.

5. Delivery Phase – The final phase, to ensure that everything is in proper order before we release the website to production.

Howell Digital works with clients all over the world. No borders in the digital world! 

Absolutely you can! We use WordPress and Elementor to build some great user experiences for your website. One of the greatest benefits of having wordpress is being able to easily edit content when you have to make a last minute change. 

You will see that we have different tiers of web design and development available. Each different package is suited for a particular client that will need the resources and features of each one. Just like with goldilocks, just the right fit.

We understand that mobile and tablet are responsible for an ever growing percentage of engagement and sales for businesses and social platforms. Having a website that is “mobile responsive” and properly formatted for use with mobile and tablet is integral to success.

Hosting and Domain names are the responsibility of the client. We can help you and point you in the right direction with what the best solution would be and assist your with the procurement process.

SEO is the practice of ranking pages or your entire website on a search engine such as Google or Bing. Just like with content, we can provide a separate service with a one time audit and optimization or set up a monthly retainer to focus on getting your business to the top of the rankings.

Not necessarily. We find that in most cases that WordPress is purely a pragmatic solution for client needs. However, there are times, such as web apps or SAAS platforms where you would need to build a platform that would be best if WordPress was not used. 

We can create content for your website, however, by default it is not part of the prices that we charge for web design and development. We do offer copywriting, photography and video production services at an additional cost. 

First of all, I would need to sit down and discuss your business over a brief call to see if Howell Digital would be right for your business. 

If we feel that your business can benefit from our services, we will do a bit of discovery and research and then create a proposal. If you like our plan, then we can get started. We can accept payment in the form of a check, paypal, or zelle.